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FITCHBURG, Wis. – The Achieve Gymnastics Center is scheduled to open next week in Fitchburg.

Callie and Sonny Leffin and Susan Valko founded it with a vision to create a sense of community where students, families and coaches feel supported and valued.

There are programs for gymnasts of all ages and levels. They say they understand it can be stressful for parents to choose activities for their children as they try to find things that are fun, safe and worth the time and money.

Providing gymnasiums open every day for preschoolers where parents can also bond, making nursing mothers available to comfortably feed their babies, building a play area for siblings in the area of observing and working with students with special needs, are just a few ways Achieve has consciously worked to relieve the pressures on parents and create a positive experience for everyone who visits their school.

The Achieve Gymnastics Center officially opens to the public on May 2, 2022. It is located at 2919 Marketplace Drive in Fitchburg. Click here for more information.


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