Kent State announces the signing of Maya to the gymnastics team Courtesy of Team Impact


The Kent State Gymnastics Team will sign 12-year-old Maya from Avon, Ohio as their newest member of the team in an inspiring Kent State signing day celebration. IMPACT team on Sunday, February 20, before the Flashes’ Pink Meet against Bowling Green.

Maya is a child with an incredible passion for gymnastics. Involved in the sport for years, Maya had the special opportunity to be part of Kent State’s gymnastics team for the duration of the 2022 season. And so far, she has had a wonderful experience as a Honorary Golden Flash.

Since Maya joined the team, she has been able to meet the whole team, as well as the head coach Brice Biggin and helpers Sharon Sabine and Craig Ballard. Five or six team leaders acted as Maya’s liaisons when she started coming to practices in January, taking the time to develop personal relationships with her and familiarize her with her new role as part of the family. of Kent State Gymnastics. In fact, Maya’s mother, Rhoda, said Coach Biggin and the team were “very welcoming” to Maya and invited her over with open arms, looking forward to seeing her every time they met.

Additionally, Maya has received over 30 Kent State leotards (which she is pictured with above). The team celebrates something called Maya Monday’s, where when Maya attends practice every Monday, she has the privilege of choosing which leotards everyone wears that day. It’s just one of the many ways Coach Biggin and the Golden Flashes have brought her into the fold.

Maya attended practices, as well as the team’s first meeting of the season. She’s bonded with coaches and teammates and had the time of her life. However, there is still one key milestone the 12-year-old has yet to complete: her own signing day, to formalize her place in the team. But on February 20, that should change.


Maya signing an official letter of intent

Visuals of Maya and her SCHOOL/TEAM 2022 teammates

WHEN: Sunday February 20 before the Flashs’ Pink Meet against Bowling Green

OR: MAC Center – 1025 Risman Drive, Kent, Ohio, 44242


Zack Bush – Graduate Assistant in Athletics Communication

[email protected]; 330-951-1655


Mary Callaghan – Director of Communications for Development

[email protected] / 401.580.5370


About the IMPACT team

Team IMPACT is the only US nonprofit that addresses the emotional trauma and social isolation experienced by children facing serious and chronic illnesses by pairing them with a college sports team. Our two-year therapeutic program complements a child’s medical treatments, allowing the child to develop relationships and skills that help complete the full circle of healing. Through participation in Team IMPACT’s clinically informed program, children experience a true sense of belonging, resulting in increased empowerment, normalization, health promotion and resilience. Families feel connected and supported as their child achieves individualized goals, while experiencing the joy of camaraderie and team inclusion; and student-athletes gain perspective and inspiration, as well as lessons about adversity and resilience.

Founded in 2011, Team IMPACT has matched over 2,100 kids with over 700 colleges and universities in 49 states, reaching over 60,000 student-athletes.

The IMPACT team has more than 1,200 teams across the country waiting to be matched with children, ages 5 to 16, who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening or chronic illness and who could benefit from becoming a member of the IMPACT team. ‘team. If you know a child who might be interested, please visit for more information.


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