Turn Around Dance & Gymnastics Team Opens Competitive Season at Leap National


Jen Olson

Turn To Stone: Pictured L-R, front row: Alivia McCarthy and Morgan Zanfes. Back row: Sarah Cummins and Natelyn Phillips.

The Turn Around Dance & Gymnastics competitive dance team, the TTA Lightning, opened their 2022 competitive season last weekend in Council Bluffs at the Leap National dance competition.

The TTA Lightning is in its sixth year of competition. Our dancers who represent The Turn Around Lightning are in grades two through 12. The dancers will travel to a total of four competitions this season.

Here are the results of their first competition of the 2022 season:

  • “Anything You Do”, a musical theater duo danced by Maleah Dreckman and Alivia McCarthy, earned a 4.5 star award and also took sixth place overall in their age group and division. This dance also received a Judge’s Choice Award for LOL.
  • “Turn To Stone,” a contemporary small band performed by Sarah Cummins, Alivia McCarthy, Natelyn Phillips and Morgan Zanfes, received a 4.0 star award.
  • “You Can’t Stop The Music”, a musical theater solo performed by Alivia McCarthy, won a 4.5 star award.
  • “If Only,” a lyrical duet danced by Brianna Inthongsay and Ryland Kopfmann, received a 4.0-star award.
  • “Bruises”, a lyrical solo performed by Morgan Zanfes, received a 4.5 star award.

The TTA Lightning is coached by Lexie Landis. The TTA Lightning Dance Team will travel to Bellevue, Neb., April 1-3 to compete in The Movement Dance Competition.

Bruising: Morgan Zanfes.

If only: Brianna Inthonsay and Ryland Kopfmann.

Everything you do: Maleah Dreckman and Alivia McCarthy.


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